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4Life Service

Service is at the heart of everything 4Life does. As you change your life with the phenomenal 4Life products and outstanding financial opportunity, you can change others’ lives through meaningful acts of service.

We invite you to see the initiatives in which we've been collaborating in some of the European countries and the memory service of the past year. Click here to see what we've accomplished with your contribution!

Foundation 4Life Foundation 4Life


To break the cycle of poverty and create extraordinary opportunities for children. We invite the goodwill and participation of everyone to help us empower vulnerable children in local communities around the world.

A Legacy of Service

Service has always been a part of the overall 4Life mission. In 2006, 4Life formalized their charitable giving and created Foundation 4Life to build the lives of those less fortunate. Our mission is to provide resources that empower individuals to become self-reliant in countries where 4Life conducts business.

Your Donations Help

With a particular focus on the children of the world, this 501(c)(3) entity utilizes 100% of all donations to provide tools and training that will elevate young people and their families out of poverty. While we strive to recognize and respond to community needs on various levels, the pinnacle of our giving is educational initiatives that foster the opportunity for a community to change for generations to come.

Learn More

The Foundation 4Life grassroots effort extends from Affiliates to the 4Life executive team. To see a complete overview of our humanitarian projects, visit our website at Foundation4life.org. And, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

More Than Just a Meal

In many parts of the world, parents and caregivers ration daily earnings to provide children with one decent meal per day. This lack of quality nutrition has a lifelong impact on physical, social, and economic development.

4Life Fortify is much more than a bag of food. It’s a lifeline for a child, a family, a community, and an entire society. 4Life Fortify provides energy and health support so a child can go to school and contribute to her community. Each bag includes rice, lentils, beans, a nutritional complex of vitamins and minerals, and 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula.

Build Your Business

4Life Fortify is a for-profit product that provides Affiliates with a direct opportunity to be a positive influence in the global hunger crisis. Affiliates can purchase and donate 4Life Fortify to build the life of a child—and build their business at the same time. Each bag is worth 25 Life Points (LP) in the Life Rewards Plan.

Make a Difference

Every purchase of 4Life Fortify is donated to Feed the Children, who then distributes the meals to hungry children all over the world. One in every six children faces hunger. When you purchase fortify, you are giving a child a warm meal, and doing your part to positively impact a global epidemic.
*4Life Research® offers an incentive to buy, donate, and promote 4Life Fortify meal packs. Commission is included in the price of the pack and allows Affiliates to invest their time and resources to encourage others to join 4Life’s legacy of service. 4Life Fortify is a product created and supported by 4Life Research, a for-profit company that facilitates donations of purchased 4Life Fortify meal packs to non-profit partners such as Feed The Children. Charity partners distribute 4Life Fortify to children in need without charge or fees.

Collaborate with us

When you partner with 4Life, you have the opportunity to serve others in several ways.

Foundation4Life Loyalty Donation

Contribute 5€ each month with your Loyalty Program order.

Bonus Check Donation

Donate a portion of your monthly 4Life bonus check to Foundation 4Life.

One-Time Order Donation

Give a little or a lot when you make a donation to Foundation 4Life with your product order.

4Life Fortify

Provide a warm meal to a hungry child.

“Our science and success are known worldwide, and because of that, our capacity for service is without bounds.”

Bianca Lisonbee

Lights4Life Recognition Program

Lights 4Life recognizes the outstanding service efforts of our Affiliates.

Legacy of Light

Legacy of Light is awarded to those donors who make Foundation 4Life or 4Life Fortify donations valued at $15,000 or more.

Ray of Sunshine

Ray of Sunshine is awarded to those donors who make Foundation 4Life or 4Life Fortify donations valued at $5,000-$9,999.