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The BOGO is back!

The BOGO is back!

Top products, great deal... you just can't miss it!

Buy One product and Get One

Each day between the 27th of July (Tuesday) to the 29th of July (Thursday), we will launch a BOGO promotion: Buy One product and Get One Product for free*. Each combination of products will be revealed everyday at 15h00 CET in our social media and messaging channels. Be fast! The BOGOs will be available until 23h59 CET or until stock is over. Every person with a 4Life-ID (Affiliate and Preferred Customer) can buy up to 5 BOGO's per day.

Do you want more?

During this period, every new Preferred Customer gets Free Enrolment with purchases starting from 50LP!
For new affiliates in Italy, they will get a discount on the subscription fee and will be able to join 4Life for 15€ until July 31st!
Also, you will get Free shipping** for purchases starting from 100€. Remember you can use the UPS Access point for a more comfortable delivery of your orders.

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When buying a BOGO promotion, you accept the following conditions:

1. Limited stock per each BOGO Promotion. Promotions will be available each day from 15h00 until 23h59 Central Europe Time (CET) or until stock is over.
2. As with every promotion, there is an LP reduction of products you buy within the BOGO promotion. The free product has no LP value.
3. Limit of 5 BOGO’s per 4Life ID (Affiliate, Preferred Customer and Italy Customer).
4. New Preferred Customer get free enrolment with purchases starting from 50LPs, until July 31st (Italian market excluded).
5. All affiliates and customers can benefit from a free shipping** for purchases starting from 100€.
6. Available through 4Life.com, 4Life App & MyShop.
7. Returns are subject to 4Life Research's return policy.
8. For the Italian market: New affiliates*** get a reduction on the subscription fee with a 15€ value by registering until July 31st.


When will each product combination be revealed?
Every day at 15:00 through Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Group, WhatsApp and Telegram. Each promotion will be available from 15h00 until 23h59 CET or until the stock is over.

How many Bogo promotions can I buy?
There is a limit of 5 BOGO'S per Affiliates, Preferred Customers and Italy Customers.

Is there an LP reduction in the BOGO Promotions?
Yes, as in most of the 4Life promotions. The quantity of LP of the product you buy is reduced within the BOGO promotion.

Is there a limit of units available for each BOGO promotion?
Yes, all BOGO promotions have limited stock. Buy fast your favourite combinations, and most successful BOGO'S could disappear within minutes!

How does the free enrollment work during the BOGO?
If you enrol a new preferred customer and he/she makes the first order starting from 50 LP, the Subscription Fee will be for free (does not apply for Italy). This purchase can include up to 5 BOGO promotions but can also be a regular order. To enjoy free enrolment, it's not mandatory to buy a BOGO promotion.

Will the free enrolment promotion be available in all Europe?
Yes, it will be available in all European markets from 27th until 29th of July.

Is the free shipping included in the BOGO promotions?
You'll get free shipping for purchases starting from 100€**

*The quantity of the LP of the purchased product is reduced with the BOGO promotion.
**More information about our shipping rates
***To activate the Life Rewards Plan for an Affiliate with an Italian code, it’s required to have Promoted Customer Life Points (PCLP) from orders made by customers.